Hand Sanitiser Efficacy vs Usage - Necessary Evil or Welcomed Ally?

As we enter our second year of COVID, there is an emerging trend that really puts everything into perspective when it comes to hand sanitiser usage and its long term sustainability.

When COVID first hit, Australian demand for hand sanitiser hit an all time high, leading to a national shortage for a period of time. During that shortage there was an significant influx of new players to the market, and a focus on speed to market, rather than quality or balance between efficacy and likelihood to use. 

The first issue was the incredible price gouging Australians were forced into, with 500ml of hand sanitiser costing anywhere between $25 and $60, whereas now they average around $10.

While the vast majority of products in Australia were of a good standard, and ensured alcohol content levels within the recommended range of 60-80% (except a few that CHOICE uncovered that were well below the advertised level), the reality is very few focused on ensuring their product was gentle on skin and didn't have that terrible alcohol smell.

As a result of this customers (in particular employees that required regular use like health workers or retail employees) started experiencing skin problems. Dry skin, cracked skin, or in some cases, worse. This, combined with the unpleasant smell many sanitisers had, led to a reluctance to use hand sanitiser, and an avoidance of these products as much as possible. The lack of transparency in terms of what products and contents were actually in many of the automatic dispensers in shops etc, further compounded this issue.

Which leads us to the question - What good is a hand sanitiser with the correct alcohol content, if it smells so bad and dries the skin so badly that no one wants to use it? The alcohol content is critical for efficacy, but there is no efficacy if it never gets applied.

What our customers have told us all along has been that they chose our product because it makes using hand sanitiser a pleasure, not a burden. It is something they actually look forward to and therefore it gets used more often, ensuring the desired outcomes. 

So the choice is out there for all, but for as long as we continue to have businesses trying to maximise profits by keeping costs down and not focusing on the experience of using sanitisers, we will continue to have a portion of our population that will avoid these through the misconception that they are all the same.

With federal government testing confirming correct alcohol content, and the added Aloe Vera that has continued to deliver us 100% 5 star reviews from our customer, BOFON are certainly doing their part in ensuring hand sanitisers work! Not just by having the right alcohol content, but actually by making sure people actually look forward to using them.