Confirmation - National Measurement Institute Lab Results

Given the increase in demand for hand sanitiser, and the growth in supplier volumes, it was inevitable that some would cut corners and sacrifice quality, or at times even safety.

We've seen stories from the US about sanitisers made from methanol, which have led to deaths, blindness and other serious complications. Luckily we have strict controls in Australia and have not had any of these issues, however scrutiny has increased over manufacturer/supplier claims regarding both alcohol content and effectiveness against certain viruses.

In fact, just recently CHOICE ran a story about a particular product which claimed to have 70% alcohol, yet when sent for testing at the National Measurement Institute (NMI), was found to contain just 23%.

In a further demonstration of BOFON's commitment to quality and high standards, as well as a determination to guarantee customer satisfaction, we sent ours for testing at the very same lab, NMI, which is a federal government testing facility.

The results... a very pleasing 77-79% alcohol content across our samples, ensuring they are at the upper end of the spectrum (70-80%), even though we only state 70%, which is effective enough as it is.

We were not surprised by the results, but certainly delighted to share the news with the Australian public, as we continue to take serious steps to consistently deliver on our commitment of exceptional hand sanitiser.

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