BOFON Voted Number 1!

The excitement peaked when BOFON finally got to carry out their blind test. A group of unpaid volunteers carried it out, the specific details below:

  • Unpaid Volunteers
  • 4 Hand Sanitiser Brands - BOFON, plus 3 other widely available and very common brands
  • Test consisted of 3 criteria - scent, how it felt when applying it, and the post-application feel (dryness, scent etc...)
  • Testers rated all 4 products based on the 3 criteria as well as a final, overall score

Unsurprisingly, BOFON was voted the BEST overall, winning also in 2 of the 3 individual categories.

Huge Thank You to Epic Pizza @ Enmore for allowing us to use their premises!

Can't wait for everyone to try it - #HandsOnBOFON