BOFON & Good360 Charity Partnership Announcement

BOFON & Good360 are proud to announce their new partnership! As of the 4th October 2021, BOFON will be donating 25% of all profit to Good360, an incredible organisation supporting our communities that need it the most.

BOFON have always been passionate about living by our values, not just in ensuring the highest standards of quality in our products, but also in supporting Australians. We are taking this one step further with this partnership with the wonderful team at Good360 so they can keep doing the amazing work they do! This will help them get the right goods, to the right people, at the right time!

This means we will be working closely with Good360 moving forward, to come up with further ways we can support our communities in need, not just through donating 25% of our profit, but through other means like stock donations and others.

Good360 is a matchmaker, helping repurpose items of value by directing them to the Australians who need them most. They bring together the people working to lift up Australian communities, and the spare brand-new goods of businesses. They connect surplus with need.

So support BOFON, a 100% Australian owned company, by purchasing our exceptional quality hand sanitiser, and at the same time you will be supporting a well known and extremely trusted community organisation!

You can also support Good360 by donating - head to their website here!