• BOFON's Ongoing Community Support - Donation to Turbans4Australia COVID-19 Relief Drive!

    In our ongoing commitment to supporting our community, BOFON have once again donated to those who need it most... this time supporting Turbans4Australia, in partnership with OzHarvest!
  • BOFON Donation to iCare Community Services (Via Good360)

    Exciting moment, as Igor completed our first Good360 donation, this time to the wonderful team at iCare Community Services! Now donating 25% of profits to Good360, and looking forward to working closely with the team in future.
  • BOFON & Good360 Charity Partnership Announcement

    BOFON & Good360 are proud to announce their new partnership! As of the 4th October 2021, BOFON will be donating 25% of all profit to Good360, an incredible organisation supporting our communities that need it the most.
  • Hand Sanitiser Efficacy vs Usage - Necessary Evil or Welcomed Ally?

    A Key Question - What good is hand sanitiser with the correct alcohol content, if it smells so bad and dries the skin so badly that no one wants to use it?
  • Incredible Week at Erina Fair - Thousands of Very Impressed Customers

    7 extremely successful days at Erina Fair, with thousands of customers experiencing our superior product!
  • Confirmation - National Measurement Institute Lab Results

    BOFON sample testing by the National Measurement Institute (Federal Government testing facility) confirms outstanding results!
  • BOFON Voted Number 1!

    Outstanding result - BOFON voted Number 1 in recent Blind Test!
  • The BOFON Story

    How BOFON came about and what prompted its directors to take action, in the face of exploitation of a crisis!